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How the Money Helps

FY82 - FY13 Distributions by Cause

Together, We Are Changing Lives Statewide

From FY82 - FY13, the Arizona Lottery has generated more than $3 billion for our beneficiaries.

Thanks to the ongoing support of the Arizona Legislature and players all over the state, the Arizona Lottery is helping to connect people with  programs and initiatives that enrich their lives. Arizona residents and families are enjoying greater educational opportunities, enhancing their health through community programs, seeing expansion in economic and business development, and benefiting from a dedication to the environment.


By law, proceeds from Arizona Lottery ticket sales go to programs and organizations in four state areas of focus that include a variety of beneficiaries. As of FY11, the four pillars are: economic and business development, education, environmental issues, and health and public welfare.

Health & Public Welfare

Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Program
By statute, this program receives 30% of unclaimed prize money.

Environmental Issues

Heritage Fund: Department of Game and Fish
By statute, this fund may receive up to $10 million annually from the sale of Lottery products.
Funds to Game and Fish are used for public access, environmental education, schoolyard habitats, and the protection and management of urban wildlife.


General Fund
By statute, this fund may receive a maximum of $31 million dollars annually from the sale of Lottery products. The fund may receive additional monies, up to $15.49 million, after distributions to several other beneficiaries are complete. Education receives 55.5% of the Lottery’s General Fund total.

Economic & Business Development

Commerce Authority: Arizona Competes Fund
By statute, the Lottery provides $3.5 million to Arizona Competes Fund for grants attracting, expanding, or retaining Arizona basic enterprises, and supporting and advancing programs and projects for rural businesses, small businesses, and business development that enhance economic development.